Visualisation. Communication. Check. BIM 3D

When Developers are preparing themselves to sell investments, they often wonder how to present their property to make the whole investment profitable. The first thought is visualization. This is not surprising, since „it is assumed that 65% of us are visual learners and that our brain processes 90% of visual information it receives. The fact that every day we are inundated with accumulation of a variety of information, creates the situation when the simple graphic messages burst into our consciousness faster than text messages. „[1]

„The text vs image. Our brain needs 1/10 second to understand visual content, while processing text with 200 to 250 words takes up to 60 seconds. (…) „[1]

„The image helps to understand the content. When the text is supported by graphics, understanding of the content becomes much easier. Visualizations are often a strengthening of transmission of the text. „[1]

We prefer to know what we are buying. Moreover, we like to see how it works and presents itself in a dedicated environment. Your Clients also do not like to get a pig in a poke. They just do not want to be disappointed. You should present your project as well as you can. Create to your Clients the possibility to familiarize themselves with the project, give them time for possible changes and notes still today … before it’s too late and the idea will turn into action. Please remember that the ideal transaction is one in which the two parties are satisfied.


A week ago, I had a phone call from the architect from Austria with a few minor questions regarding our browser BIM Vision. Taking this opportunity, I asked him a question: how exactly he uses the program. He politely informed me that he uses it primarily for customer contact. How does it work? He sends the link to the Investor with request to download the viewer. Investor installs it on his computer. Then the architect can send his conceptual project to get the comments, if necessary, with suggestions of changes for approval. Both gentlemen enjoying the benefits of BIM, already at this stage: eliminating the subsequent quarrels and misunderstandings (if not all, at least a large part of them), discussing all aspects of  the project in detail (despite the distance separating them), saving time usually spending for travels and eliminating consequences of misunderstandings or conflicts.

How does it work?



But beware. I would like to be well understood, our 3D model which is passed from hand to hand in the IFC format is not only a 'pretty visualization’. For those of you who are just beginning their adventure with BIM, I wish to clarify that the IFC is rather information model without textures, which in this case includes a mass of data on various parameters and characteristics of objects (blocks). It is our encyclopedia, to which all players are obliged to add new data relevant to their field.