„The lesson with an expert” in the Secondary School No. 2 in Bochnia

BIM in education is spreading. Last Friday, we had the great pleasure lead* lecture for students of the Secondary School No. 2 in Bochnia. The main idea of the meeting was to familiarize young people with BIM technology. The meeting was the part of the program dedicated for students, named: „lesson with an expert” and was attended by over 100 students and representatives of the teaching staff. During several hours we talked, among others, about the main idea of BIM technology, the influence of the technology on the entire investment process (BIM 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D …),  3D scanning  and what are the duties and responsibility of BIM Manager. Based on the functionalities of our tools: BIM Vision and BIMestiMate we presented differences between working with a 2D documentation and based on a design developed in BIM. Thank you for all the questions which sometimes  surprised , but at the same time confirmed that young people want to learn and are seriously thinking about their professional life.


We are very impressed with the approach of the teaching staff. They want to introduce the secrets of the new technologies to the young people and prepare them to enter professional life. The degree of involvement and the strategy of action deserve a 5+ 🙂
Once again, thank you very much for the invitation.

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* Together with companies MAD ENGINEERS and ARGASProjekt from BIM Cluster